Insurance Tip
The risks associated with commercial use of a vehicle, whether it is personally owned or company owned, often call for higher policy limits and different policy provisions.


Cover your Company's Drivers and Vehicles

The risks you face as a Georgia or South Carolina business owner vary widely from liability concerns to workers compensation issues to the possibility that one of your workers could be responsible for an accident.

Our agents can help you identify the right commercial vehicle policy for your needs. With a wide range of carriers, we can help cover every aspect of your business insurance needs.

Who needs Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

  • Freight companies and other businesses that use commercial trucks
  • Independent contractors who drive during the course of doing business
  • Any business that makes deliveries or transports goods
  • Limo services, taxi services, bus companies and other transportation services

If you or your staff members use a vehicle for commercial purposes, you need a commercial auto policy, as your standard personal auto policy will typically not cover you for business use of that vehicle.

If you are not sure whether you need commercial vehicle insurance, or what kind and how much you need, our agents are happy to help. Our agents can advise you on the right coverage for your specific business needs.