Insurance Tip

Don't be under-insured.
69% of homeowners are under-insured

We recommend our clients find the best policies that cover replacement costs instead of "actual cash value" coverage which will only cover the current depreciated value.

Reduce your financial risk by protecting your home.

We help you get the best coverage for your home because we know your geographic area and we can help you make sense of the many options available to you - saving you money and giving you piece of mind.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

Broadly speaking, insurance covers potential loss from burglary or theft, severe storms, fire, and also your personal liability. Other risks, including flood, require separate policies for coverage.

Make sure your personal belongings are covered.

When choosing the amount of property coverage you want, consider what it would cost to replace all of your personal items in the event of a total loss. Our agents work hard to help you accurately determine the coverage you will need so you are covered if you suffer a loss.

There is no guess work with us.

We have the knowledge and experience to recommend policies that take the guesswork out of getting your Georgia or South Carolina home covered.