Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers

The insurance for young drivers is set up on a different rating scale than drivers 25 years and older. Young women have two rating categories before they turn 25, while young men have four. All are set by age.

  • Females    16-18 years
  • Females    19 up to 25 years
  • Males       16, 17, 18 years
  • Males       19, 20 years
  • Males        21-22 years
  • Males        23-24 years

Save on Auto Insurance for Your Teen

Our agents are knowledgeable about a wide range of discounts you can take advantage of.  Some insurance companies offer discounts and savings for:

  • Excellent grades
  • A claims-free driving record
  • Passing a safe driving course
  • Owning multiple vehicles and insuring them through the same company

Let our agents help you find the best coverage for your teenage driver in Georgia and South Carolina and take advantage of available discounts.